DSL payment options

Orange Home Internet payment options

My Orange Application

Now you can pay your Home Internet monthly bills through My Orange app.

Download My Orange app. from your app. Store.

#16333# and #148# USSD Codes

USSD service is a text-based menu that allows you to pay your bill from your orange line as long as you have a sufficient balance.

Call #16333# or #148# to access the main menu, in which all available services are displayed.

Credit Card

You can call us on 16333 or visit Orange shops to register your credit card for Orange Home Internet service payment. This service is free of charge.

Download, print and fill-in the credit card authorization form and send it back to creditcardinfo-eg@orange.com including a copy of your credit card and National ID ‘’ front and back ‘’ to authorize withdrawing the due amount from your credit card account, download here

Note: This service is not available for debit cards.

Orange Cash

اورنچ كاش service has made your Orange Home Internet bill payment much easier. To pay dial #115# from your mobile or through اورنچ كاش application, for the steps of payment click here .

Online payment

Pay your Orange Home Internet subscription online, Click here to pay your bill 

Orange Shops

Visit Orange Shops to make a new Orange Home Internet subscription or pay the bill for your existing Orange Home Internet account, To locate the nearest Orange shop  Click here

Call 400 IVR

Now you can pay you bill through 400 IVR, if you have a sufficient balance.

Fawry payment services

For more info click here .

Bee payment services

Sadad payment services

E-Masary Payment Services

Aman Services