Plus Packages

Is this a special offer?

No, DSL Plus is not an offer, DSL Plus is new packages and the price of such packages is their normal monthly price.

I am a current DSL customer; can I change my package to the new DSL Plus packages?

Yes, you can switch to the new DSL Plus packages through visiting any of our branches, or by requesting to change your speed online if you click here.

one-time switching fee of EGP 100 applies when switching your package from unlimited to DSL Plus for 2 Mpbs and 4 Mpbs packages

What is counted as Internet usage?

Any usage of the Internet that results in receiving data is counted as Internet usage, that includes web surfing/browsing, any type of downloading (either peer to peer or direct downloads), e-mail receiving, text/video/audio chatting, video/audio streaming.

What happens if I consume my entire quota before my next bill date?

If you consume your monthly quota, your speed will be downgraded to 256 Kbps or 128 Kbps till the next bill or you can recharge additional gigabyte balance to regain your original speed.

How to know my current consumption?

To know your DSL Plus current consumption, your remaining usage, your quota renewal date and all your package related info online, click here.

Do I always need to buy extra quota?

No, if your monthly usage is below the package quota. You will always enjoy the package full speed without buying any extra quota.

If your monthly quota is concluded, you can still continue the rest of the month at a reduced connection speed, until your next bill date, where the original quota will be refilled and your speed will automatically be back to original speed.

What is the cost of regaining my original speed before my next bill date?

Only EGP 5 per extra gegabyte.

How to buy extra Gegabytes?

Can I carry over any unused gigabytes to the following months?

Only recharged unused extra quotas are carried over to the following month.

When will I start using the purchased gigabytes?

The purchased gigabytes will be used when the monthly package is finished. And on bill date when the monthly package is renewed, the remaining purchased gigabytes will remain in your credit to be used later.

Can I recharge during the month even if I still have gigabytes in my balance?

Yes, you can. The new recharged gigabytes will be accumulated to your gigabytes balance.

When do I need 2 phone lines?

It’s mandatory for the speeds starting 24 Mbps.

Why do I need 2 phone lines?

You need 2 phone lines to bond them together in order to provide you with the highest speed depending on the physical line quality.

Do I own the hardware included?

Yes, the ADSL router is included in your DSL Plus package for free.

Will I have an installation visit?

free installation visit is included to your DSL Plus package.

Is DSL parental control included?

Yes, DSL parental control is included as you will get 1 or 3 free keys according to your speed. For more information about DSL parental control click here