About max


"DSL Max" is an on demand service that let you boost your speed to the maximum with a press of a button. For 512KB, 1M and 2M packages, the maximum speed with "DSL MAX" is 4M.
For 4M package the maximum speed with "DSL MAX" is 8M.

"DSL Max" service charges

Enjoy "DSL Max" service for EGP 0.05 /minute deducted from your credit. Your "Orange DSL" original package prices will not affected.

How to use "DSL Max"

  1. Setup your account to use DSL Max only at the first time
  2. Charge DSL Max credit. To know more Click here
  3. Press ‘ON’ to boost your speed to the maximum
  4. When done, press ‘OFF' to return back to your original speed

To use this service you have to be an "Orange DSL" customer

Important notes
  1. This service is available only for "Orange DSL" unlimited packages subscribers. To subscribe, click here.
  2. "DSL Max" will boost your speed to the maximum, as explained above, the maximum speed will depend on how much your telephone landline can support.
  3. "DSL Max" first time setup can take up to 10 minutes. You cannot use "DSL Max" unless you finish this step.